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The Complete Guide to Lake Constance

Lake Constance is one of the major attractions of Central Europe. It is bordered by three countries Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. Whether you are planning a family holiday or taking a short break from your routine, Lake Constance is your ultimate holiday destination. It has a 270km shoreline; a major part of this shoreline is in Germany. The shoreline of the lake in Germany offers some of the most majestic and alluring views of the Swiss Alps.

The lake, also known as the centre for sports, has three distinct areas. The German part of the shore is called Obersee that stretches between Bregens in Austria and the Swiss border and Konstanz town. The north-western and the south-western part of the shore are called Uberlingen and Untersee.

The shores of Lake Constance are known for intriguing and fascinating towns. You will find numerous castles, museums, churches, and town squares that you should definitely explore. Moreover, there are various other child-friendly attractions and villages in the area that you must visit if you want to explore the beauty of Lake Constance and its surrounding.

Attractions around the Lake

The lake has only one airport in Germany, Friedrichshafen, which is used by tourists arriving from England to visit and explore the lake. From the airport, you can either take a walk to the town or catch a train. You will also find a tourist office outside the Stadtbahnhof, where you can get useful information and guidance for exploring beautiful places around the lake.

Friedrichshafen, an industrial town, is known as the home of Zeppelin airships. It features a Zeppelin museum, where you can find a lot of information about the history of the gas-powered rigid airship developed by Count Ferdinand von Zeppelin. You can also take an adventure-filled trip on Zeppelin, which is powered by non-inflammable gas. It is a half an hour to 2-hour long flight; the cost varies with the duration of flight.

Some More History

The history of Unteruhldingen’s open-air Pfahlbauten goes back to the stone and bronze age. Meesburg, a town located in the southwest of German part of Lake Constance, is a must visit place for people who are fond of history. It has two castles; Baroque Neues Schloss and Altes Schloss. The latter is the oldest castle in Germany; its building has now turned into a museum.

Moving to the west, you will find the former Free Imperial city of Uberlingen. The place that was earlier known as the largest corn market in Germany and is now serving as a health resort. The upper part of this place, you will get to see the rococo pilgrimage church of Birnau. The most prominent feature of this spot is its beautifully designed interior.

Moving on to the Swiss Shoreline

It stretches for 72km with the southern coast. The largest town on the southern cost is Kreuzlingen; three medieval villages amalgamated to form this town. While you are here, you can also visit the beautiful Seeburg Park, where you can unwind and relax. Moreover, you can visit the Lake Museum and get to know about the fishing and shipping history of the area.

The Napoleon museum is located just at a distance of few kilometres from the Seeburn Park; it is a great source of historical knowledge and information related to the Napoleon era. The museum is open for visitors daily from 10 am to 5 pm.

Visiting Konstanz

Konstanz, the unofficial capital of the lake region, has turned out into a growing university town. The town holds significant importance because of some of the major attractions including Altstadt and Münster. Moreover, you can also shop till your heart’s content and pocket permits in this town. Another prominent feature of this town is that it is located alongside the Swiss border.

The Reason behind the Name

Germans call it Bodensee, while the name Lake Constance is used in English. The word Bodensee comes from the Frankish kingdom of Bodama that dominated this area in the middle ages. Germans also use the words Swabian Sea for this lake. This is due to the fact that ancient region of Swabia, located in the southern part of the Germany adjoins Lake Constance.

Swimming in Lake Constance

Lake Constance is not only open for swimming but also for sailing, windsurfing, and canoeing. The lake is termed as a magnet for sailors due to its vast area (536sq km of water). Several towns in the surrounding areas have marinas. It is the centre for various water sports competitions i.e. Regattas and Sailing that form a major attraction for tourists.

Traveling Around the Lake

If you want to travel around the lake, public transport, especially bus services are most recommended for you. The major reason behind this recommendation is that roads around tourist hotspots can prove to be extremely busy on the German Coast. There is also a network of tourist boats that link to main towns. Alternatively, you can also take the Hohentwiel steamship for a more adventurous ride. If you have time in hand, then opt for a bike ride; it is surely going to be a memorable trip for you. After you have reached the area, buy a Bodensee Erlebniskarte for discounted rates to visit major attractions of the surrounding area.

Accommodation & Food

You will have numerous options including simple rooms and luxury hotels for residing around the lake. For foodies, you are in paradise if you are fond of eating fish. It is the main dish of almost every restaurant surrounding Lake Constance. You can also enjoy the finest quality wine in numerous restaurants.

Apart from the above-mentioned attractions, Lake Constance boasts of numerous other attractions, which makes it a must-visit place once in your lifetime.