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Our alliances

Oberwaid cooperates with a number of top-notch alliance partners in preventive medicine. Find out more about our alliance partners here:


Maximizing efficiency through healthy leadership: a compact seminar in Oberwaid in cooperation with the Institute of Leadership and Human Resource Management, University of St. Gallen

You can guide yourself, your team and your organisation to peak performance through healthy leadership. Many companies fall prey to elevated acceleration, pressures, insecurities and demands. Healthy management is a key leadership skill that can help boost your own performance and that of your employees.
Modern leadership principles take their bearings from competitive sports: to reach the highest goals and deliver top performance, effective and goal-directed promotion, preservation and implementation of potential are essential. Progressive businesses know this and are already using the right techniques, tools and strategies for effective and healthy leadership.

Healthy leadership in three levels

  • Beating the acceleration trap
  • Promoting healthy employee management
  • Effective and healthy self-management

University of St. Gallen
Institute of Leadership and Human Resource Management
Dufourstrasse 40a
CH-9000 St. Gallen
T +41 (71) 224 23 70


A strong partnership – Oberwaid and BGM Forum Schweiz

An innovative and flexible support concept based on a collaboration between BGM Forum Schweiz – Corporate Health Management and Oberwaid – Kurhotel & Private Clinic helps managers preserve their long-term mental and physical fitness. The concept comprises seminars and coaching for small groups and individuals in areas including work-life balance, health, leadership and career development coupled with end-to-end integrative corporate health management.

BGM Forum Schweiz is the sole provider of services in the development, integration and sustainable implementation of end-to-end CHM concepts and strategies for businesses and organizations. The company’s success is based on innovative developments, a comprehensive product portfolio and long-standing experience in medicine, sport science, occupational psychology, health leadership and burnout prevention.

Oberwaid and BGM Forum Schweiz are there to help you develop solutions in your corporate health management projects.

BGM Forum Schweiz GmbH
Bahnhofstrasse 12
CH-6300 Zug
T +41 (41) 783 11 60


 Primeo partnership with Helsana

Oberwaid is a listed clinic for the Primeo outpatient supplementary insurance plan provided by Helsana.
This agreement gives insureds the added benefits of a supplementary insurance plan for outpatient procedures such as check-ups, innovative diagnostic and treatment options, and much more.