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Cardiology at the Oberwaid Private Clinic in Switzerland

Cardiology at the Oberwaid is specialized in cardiac rehabilitation after a heart attack, all types of heart surgery, coronary heart disease (with or without coronary artery intervention), , in the presence of cardiac insufficiency and diagnostics and therapeutic at elevated cardiac and vascular risk (for example with uncontrolled diabetes mellitus or high blood pressure ). In addition, we integrated the heart examinations (cardiac diagnostics) in the internal prevention care (check-ups).

The internal medicine at the Oberwaid is specialist about the psychological impact which is a consequence of continuous stress situation`s and the rehabilitation after a serious illnesses and/or after a surgery’s: in addition our medical team offer preventive checkups.

Indications of out/inpatient for cardiac rehabilitation include:

•       Infarction or acute coronary syndrome with or without PCI

•       For stable CHD with or without catheter intervention

•       After all types of heart surgery’s (e.g. Bypass or cardiac valve operations)

•       Heart failure

•       In the presence of multiple cardiovascular risk factors

•       For other cardiovascular diseases, the course of which is rehabilitativeMeasures (e.g. pAVK, pulmonary embolism)