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>>>The gardens

A place of quiet solitude: the gardens

Lush greenery, colourful blooms, a pleasant stroll or quiet rest amidst a feast of flowers, shrubs and trees: the benefits go far beyond sensual and aesthetic pleasure. The special healing powers of a garden have been known since ancient times and their praises are sung in a host of mediaeval texts on the Garden of Eden. The park surrounding the Oberwaid was designed with all that in mind, giving rise to a three-hectare minor horticultural masterpiece designed by the Hamburg-based landscape architect Uwe Isterling and his team.

Colourful yet assumingly natural shrub plantings and extensive lawns form a gentle contrast to splendid groves of mature trees including beeches, sycamores and a majestic lime tree. Secluded nooks and benches invite the wanderer to linger.
A grotto to the Virgin Mary in the grounds radiates its own special power. The grotto has been preserved as a place of tranquillity and meditation out of respect for Oberwaid’s Franciscan heritage.