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>>>"more relaxing sleep"

Back to a healthy night’s sleep with the Oberwaid cure “more relaxing sleep”

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The module “more relaxing sleep” – better nights for better days

Have you been sleeping badly for weeks or months? Are you always stressed and exhausted?
A chronically disturbed and restless sleep with delayed falling asleep, difficulties in sleeping through or too early awakening are often symptoms of a chronic stress load.

The gruelling feeling of sleepless nights leads to a psychologically extremely stressful cycle of missing recovery, daytime tiredness and increasing stress with decreasing efficiency.

Would you like to have a restful night’s sleep? Then use the additional module “more restful sleep” of the Oberwaid Cure. Break the vicious circle of stress and the resulting sleep disorders and reduced performance.


The aim of the module is to guide your sleep back into restful directions.

Why the module “more relaxing sleep”?

A lack of deep sleep not only results in daytime tiredness, but also irritability and emotional instability, a reduction in cognitive performance and work efficiency.
In particular, memory loss, learning ability, flexibility and decision-making capability are affected. This often results in self-doubt and fear of failure. Due to an increasing sensitivity to pain, pain symptoms such as shoulder-neck complaints and headaches develop. This often leads to a vicious circle of longer working hours, high tension, insecurity, fears and even worse sleep.

The Oberwaid cure offers the basis for better stress management and the ability to distance yourself. With the help of sleep-promoting and distancing techniques, you will learn how to steer your sleep back into restful directions.The Oberwaid – first-class hopitality and highly specialized top medicine

“Sleep more relaxed” in the comfortably furnished rooms and suites of the Oberwaid.
Don’t miss out on the comforts that our house offers you during your cure.

The Oberwaid stands for elegant design and modern ambience. Enjoy the magnificent view over Lake Constance or the foothills of the Alpstein Mountains. The Oberwaid combines comfort with health.
Chef Daniel Brunner and his team create culinary delights of the highest standard day after day.
In the Tau Spa you will find the relaxation and tranquillity that will help you to sleep through in the future.


The analysis

The analysis includes an assessment of your health risks and your personal stress level and stress management.

  • Analysis of your physical performance by assessing your individual vegetative stress regulation.
  • Cardiovascular risk analysis
  • Mini Check: ankle-arm index, RR (blood pressure), ECG, BMI (body mass index), basic laboratory (cholesterol and inflammation parameters)
  • Analysis of stress experience (scientifically based recording of individual stress exposure and stress processing)
  • Sportcheck with lactate curve


Measures for holistic stress management

  • Determination of the current position and evaluation of the test results
  • Individual coaching for better stress management
  • Identification of possibilities for strengthening resilience
  • Getting to know approved active and passive stress management methods
  • Exercise in the Oberwaid Gym, beneficial activation
  • Participation in the weekly sports programme


Specific for the module “more relaxing sleep”

  • Sleep diagnostics for the analysis of the individual sleep profile
  • Specific coaching to improve sleep behaviour
  • Aroma therapy à 15 min

Oberwaid cure with the module “more relaxing sleep”

1 week        CHF 1205 per person

2 weeks      CHF 1750 per person

3 weeks      CHF 2250 per person

The prices include medical services without overnight stay.


Room rates

Profit as a cure guest from our special conditions.

Overnight stay in a superior single room (34m2) including half board and free access to our Tau Spa & Gym.

1 week                 CHF 1645 per person

2 weeks              CHF 3290 pre person

3 weeks              CHF 4930 per person

Surcharge for full board CHF 40 per overnight stay.

We would also be pleased to make you a special offer with our special conditions on higher room categories.
Do you come in company? In this case we will also be happy to make you an exclusive special offer.

Prices include VAT and St. Gallen Mobility Ticket. Exclusive City Tax of CHF 4 per day and person.


In our experience, a personal preliminary meeting is highly recommended in order to be able to identify your individual needs and take them into consideration in the offer. Registration and telephone information under T +41 (0)71 282 0714 or write us an E-MAIL.

Cost coverage

In Switzerland, expenses for preventive treatment within the framework of supplementary insurance are partly covered by the health insurance fund.
We will be happy to advise you.





Submit your queries or arrange an appointment for a medical briefing here.

Dr. med. Doris Straus
CEO & Medical Director
or T + 41 (0)71 282 0714